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In-School doodles (?) by MonkeyDSophie
In-School doodles (?)
I forgot what number I was on for the in-school shizzle...

Oh! I have started watching Steven Universe with my dad! I originally didn't like it... I couldn't even put my finger on why! But now the show is really cool to me and I've succumbed to making an OC like I always do.... This is Emerald (haha, how original), she's a spunky/grumpy girl on a mission to find her lost friend. On her way, she runs into the crystal gems. They go on a wacky adventure of self discovery blah blah blah. In the end, it's found out that her friend isn't going to be found, and it's Emerald's fault.

And would you look at that! More Larz! Ya'know, if he was in an actual Gravity Falls episode, I think I'd want it to be named "Emosquito". You know, cause Robbie gets jealous, gets bit by a weird mosquito, and gets all emotional?
Hahaha Haha.... Puns..... I really need to get some sleep.....

Steven Universe (c) Rebecca Sugar
Gravity Falls (c) Alex Hirsh
Sophie's imposter by MonkeyDSophie
Sophie's imposter
Wow, Sophie's imposter design changed drastically from the last time I drew him. But yeah, the fake strawhats literally just found some short hobo on the street and gave him some extremely ill-fitting clothing. Since everyone on the Grandline thought the artist of the strawhats was a boy, that's why they choose a man. Sophie hates him.
I've just now decided to name him Henry.

Sophie/Henry belongs to me
Mara (c) Enjoumou
Adachi Sophie +For a collab+ by MonkeyDSophie
Adachi Sophie +For a collab+
Done with my part! Maybe some day I'll be able to draw Sophie a bit better :) But it is not this day...
I would've added a background or something but we have to keep it transparent.
Eh, well, it didn't come out too bad :)

Sophie is mine
(Oh good god look how short she is. Poor Sophie, your growth is forever stunted.)
For Mara by MonkeyDSophie
For Mara
(Hey Kade, remember this)

Protect the children or else their eyes might burn out. -- I don't know what those two are laughing at, it's not like their imposters are any better. Anyway, I was going to get this in like two days ago but for some reason deviantART wasn't working for me. But it's working now so hallelujah!
Maybe I'll draw Sophie's imposter soon.... idk

Mara/Riverdream (c) Enjoumou
Sophie (c) Me
Oc Sketches by MonkeyDSophie
Oc Sketches
My sketchbook is filled with drawings I've done over the summer, here's one of the latest ones! All of my loveable Clause and Lars <3
I am so proud of how Clause's titan form came out. My beautiful child.

Lars and Clause are mine


Who wants to know?
United States
Shit, how'd you get here? Well.... I guess if you're going to be wandering around, I hope you at least enjoy the crap on here.

Oh, and very nice to meet you ma'am/sir/whatever you want.

I finally have a scanner again!!!!! Now I can scan all the doodles I've drawn in school a couple months ago! Amazing. My Dad is amazing.
Anyway, expect to see LOTS of doodles on here. I won't post them all at once though, that would be ridiculous.. I'm so happy to have this again:D
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