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Sophie's imposter by MonkeyDSophie
Sophie's imposter
Wow, Sophie's imposter design changed drastically from the last time I drew him. But yeah, the fake strawhats literally just found some short hobo on the street and gave him some extremely ill-fitting clothing. Since everyone on the Grandline thought the artist of the strawhats was a boy, that's why they choose a man. Sophie hates him.
I've just now decided to name him Henry.

Sophie/Henry belongs to me
Mara (c) Enjoumou
Adachi Sophie +For a collab+ by MonkeyDSophie
Adachi Sophie +For a collab+
Done with my part! Maybe some day I'll be able to draw Sophie a bit better :) But it is not this day...
I would've added a background or something but we have to keep it transparent.
Eh, well, it didn't come out too bad :)

Sophie is mine
(Oh good god look how short she is. Poor Sophie, your growth is forever stunted.)
For Mara by MonkeyDSophie
For Mara
(Hey Kade, remember this)

Protect the children or else their eyes might burn out. -- I don't know what those two are laughing at, it's not like their imposters are any better. Anyway, I was going to get this in like two days ago but for some reason deviantART wasn't working for me. But it's working now so hallelujah!
Maybe I'll draw Sophie's imposter soon.... idk

Mara/Riverdream (c) Enjoumou
Sophie (c) Me
Oc Sketches by MonkeyDSophie
Oc Sketches
My sketchbook is filled with drawings I've done over the summer, here's one of the latest ones! All of my loveable Clause and Lars <3
I am so proud of how Clause's titan form came out. My beautiful child.

Lars and Clause are mine
Abbo Bach by MonkeyDSophie
Abbo Bach
Oh my goodness.......... Wheelchairs are fucking hard to draw.... I'll post the bio later. Hopefully this time it won't take a thousand years.

Well would you look at that. It took a thousand years.. Great.

Abbo Bach

>Age: 19-21

>Birth date: September 12

>Skills: Abbo has an amazing talent for being able to hit a target perfectly. Whether it's small knives, throwing cards, or darts he always manages to hit what he's aiming for. Works pretty damn well for offense and defense. His upper body strength is pretty good too since he mainly uses those muscles.

>Family: An only child, like Sophie. His father is almost always away in the marines, which is understandable as he is a vice admiral. His mother is a very calm and patient woman. She never wants people to worry about her, especially her family. Worrying is her job. Abbo is very close to his family and very defensive of them. If someone were to insult either one of his parents, there would be chaos.

>Traits: Up-lifting, caring, loyal, forgiving, and pretty laid-back. He's ok with the fact that he can't walk anymore and doesn't point fingers at Sophie. Abbo is also the kind of guy not to take your bullshit.

>Home Island: Recken island. A very chilly, but pleasant island famous for it's rich coal and oil mines. The residents are kind but usually low on money. People are forced to work dangerous jobs, including children, that pay crappy. Some are injured in horrible ways yet they pull through to provide for their families and island. Ignoring all the bad stuff, the island is flourishing in natural resources. It's a great place to go if you were planning on trading with it. Unfortunately, the prices are always unusually high.


Abbo had always been the first one to defend the people he cared about, especially when it came to Sophie. He's the only one that sticks with her through everything, even if it meant infiltrating a pirate base. That is evidently how Abbo's legs were broken and Sophie nearly died. Now stuck in a wheelchair, Abbo feels useless to help Sophie with all of her troubles. How can he help her in fights if he can't even stand? With that in mind, he learns to fight with long-range from one of the hunters on the island, along with working on his upper body strength. Now if Sophie gets into a fight, he can help even if it's only by a little bit.

After years of the troubles getting worse on the island, Abbo meets another pirate that just might be what they need to save their home.


>Sophie: Abbo's childhood friend; they're as close as family. Though he cares very deeply for Sophie as she does for him. She has done so much for him after the accident, even carrying him around, by working her fingers to the bone to get him a wheelchair. Abbo has high respect for her and what she can do and he never treats her as badly as her parents do. He'd never think she was a burden.

>Sophie's parents (both names pending): He absolutely hates them and the way they treat her. Abbo is constantly mouthing off to them and is always ready to jump in to defend Sophie. They don't think too fondly of him either; “A bad influence” as they say.

>Luffy: This guy is great. Abbo can't get enough of his devil fruit and how ridiculous/awesome it looks. When Luffy came to the island he was almost like a beacon of hope to turn Abbo's home back to the way it used to be. As much as Sophie didn't like him, Abbo had to believe that Luffy could save them. Now these two are pretty good friends (Abbo still thinks he's an idiot though).

>Zoro: Abbo hadn't met Zoro at first -seeing as the swordsman wandered away from the ship beforehand- and even when he did, he didn't have much of an impression of him. He looked like a dependable guy and strong too, so Abbo had no problem trusting him if Luffy did.

>Nami: He thinks Nami is absolutely terrifying when mad and feels bad for anyone who has to face her wrath. Although scary, Abbo sees how strong and reliable Nami is. These two didn't interact very much but Nami can still relate to him and his troubles.

>Usopp: The guys a card. Just the way Usopp reacts to things that scare him; Abbo thinks he playing around for a good chuckle. So if there's something big that needs to be done, especially if it's scary, Abbo always asks Usopp to go first just to see how he'd react.

>Sanji: Abbo thinks Sanji is absolutely ridiculous and not afraid to get on his case about it. When Sanji yells, Abbo isn't even phased. He doesn't understand why the cook goes all goo-goo eyes on girls. It's like the guy can't be serious for a second around them. Other than that, they seem to get along fine.

>Robin: These two probably interacted the least, but when Abbo needed a helping hand Robin was happy to give it. He sees her as a very smart and charming women.

>Likes: Helping/being helpful, Sophie's drawings, and doing tricks on his wheelchair.

>Dislikes: Stupid people, seafood, milk, and cloudy days.

Sophie's profile (with a finished bio, finally):…


Who wants to know?
United States
Shit, how'd you get here? Well.... I guess if you're going to be wandering around, I hope you at least enjoy the crap on here.

Oh, and very nice to meet you ma'am/sir/whatever you want.

I finally have a scanner again!!!!! Now I can scan all the doodles I've drawn in school a couple months ago! Amazing. My Dad is amazing.
Anyway, expect to see LOTS of doodles on here. I won't post them all at once though, that would be ridiculous.. I'm so happy to have this again:D
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