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Decision made 2 by MonkeyDSophie
Decision made 2
Well, I'll be damned. Luffy can't go anywhere without causing trouble.

I like finally being able to draw Sophie's story before she joined the crew. It's fun :D
Lunce Callahad is the pirate that Sophie accidently let on her island when she was a child. He wrecked havoc, stealing the resources from the land, nearly drowned Soph and crippled Abbo, then left the island in ruins.
Years later, the Strawhats come across a wounded man and try to bring him to the nearest island for help. The one they come across is closed to anyone who isn't a marine (due to the oil/coal from the island is traded to marines only), so they sneak onto it.
They meet Soph and Abbo along the way. Needless to say, Sophie was PISSED when she found out.
From then on, Sophie was a jerk to them, especially Luffy.

Sophie/Abbo are mine
Luffy and the others are obviously not
Decision made by MonkeyDSophie
Decision made
(I'm so great at titles)

Good god, my scanner is NOT big enough for the paper I use... It cut off most of the edges.
But, HEY. Finally a comic that shows Sophie's arc before joining the crew. For the most part, Sophie did NOT take kindly to Luffy and the others.
1) Because she thought they were stupid
2) Because they accidentally brought the one pirate, that nearly drowned her and crippled Abbo, back onto the island.

It wasn't really their fault. All they saw was some dude wasting away in a small raft. Knowing Luffy, of course he'd want to help. Unfortunately, it brought hell back to Wrecken Island. See? This is what happens when you help people.

Sophie and Abbo belong to me
Luffy and the others don't.

Sophie knows how to make an entrance.
Good Ol' Days by MonkeyDSophie
Good Ol' Days
I can't believe I almost forgot Usopp again, he's one of my favorite characters wtf
It wasn't until I started the sketch for Brook that I realized Usopp wasn't even in the picture. Speaking of which, he was suppose to be with his mom AND Kaya. I guess my hand gave up.
Actually, I did kind of give up as I got to Robin's part OTL Sorry

Also, Brook was going to be a kid along with the rest of them, but we don't know too much about when he was a kid, so it wouldn't have really worked :P
UGH, I'm tired. I could've just continued this tomorrow, but NOOOO, I had to be determined to finish today.....
Movie Z Outfits by MonkeyDSophie
Movie Z Outfits
Guess whose tablet zonked out and is being a frustrating DICK.

Yup. You guessed right :P The original drawings of these outfits were 1) colored on by my nephews, and 2) crumpled up by my brother and thrown out. So I made some new drawings! Hooray.
I think I enjoy her second outfit better *-* I just love drawing Sophie in male clothing~ She desguises herself as a travelling artist (very original Sophie) offering Marines potraits of themselves. What she wasn't expecting was getting numerous female fans :-)
Her battle outfit isn't finished yet and quite frankly, I'm at a lost as for what it should look like.. Welp, back to the drawing board!

Sophie is mine
Luffy and the others are obviously Oda's
In-School doodles (?) by MonkeyDSophie
In-School doodles (?)
I forgot what number I was on for the in-school shizzle...

Oh! I have started watching Steven Universe with my dad! I originally didn't like it... I couldn't even put my finger on why! But now the show is really cool to me and I've succumbed to making an OC like I always do.... This is Emerald (haha, how original), she's a spunky/grumpy girl on a mission to find her lost friend. On her way, she runs into the crystal gems. They go on a wacky adventure of self discovery blah blah blah. In the end, it's found out that her friend isn't going to be found, and it's Emerald's fault.

And would you look at that! More Larz! Ya'know, if he was in an actual Gravity Falls episode, I think I'd want it to be named "Emosquito". You know, cause Robbie gets jealous, gets bit by a weird mosquito, and gets all emotional?
Hahaha Haha.... Puns..... I really need to get some sleep.....

Steven Universe (c) Rebecca Sugar
Gravity Falls (c) Alex Hirsh


MonkeyDSophie's Profile Picture
Who wants to know?
United States
Shit, how'd you get here? Well.... I guess if you're going to be wandering around, I hope you at least enjoy the crap on here.

Oh, and very nice to meet you ma'am/sir/whatever you want.

I finally have a scanner again!!!!! Now I can scan all the doodles I've drawn in school a couple months ago! Amazing. My Dad is amazing.
Anyway, expect to see LOTS of doodles on here. I won't post them all at once though, that would be ridiculous.. I'm so happy to have this again:D
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